Vail Blackwell Horton

How us having no middle man can make the “Impossible” happen for you

Born without legs, improper bone growth in his arms and adopted at birth, Vail is the founder and current leader of three thriving companies, two of which are non-profits. He is the founder and CEO of Keen®, which provides world-class medical products focused on safety, mobility, and comfort. Keen® has ranked within the top 50 companies on the 100 Portland’s Business Journal Fastest Growing Private Companies list for eight consecutive years and ranked on the Inc. 5000 for seven consecutive years.


Founder of Incight, a non-profit that has raised over $10 million dollars to provide education, employment, networking, independence, health and wealth opportunities for people with disabilities. Founder and CEO of Handicrap Foundation, which promotes the anti-stigma campaign Handicrap™: a limiting belief adopted as reality.”


Vail serves to the Secretary of State, Advisory Committee for Worldwide Disability Policy. He also serves as a board member for Oregon Healthcare Association. Vail was chosen as one of the 2007 Ten Outstanding Young Americans by The United States Junior Chamber(Jaycees) and was chosen as one of the exemplary 199 members of the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Class of 2013. Vail graduated from the University of Portland and was awarded the Contemporary Alumni Award in 07. Vail is beautifully married with four children. Vail has a true calling to change the world for the better.

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