Keen® Customer Testimonials

Keen® Customer Testimonials

Keen Customer Testimonials


Here are a few things that our customers had to say about our products and service. If you would like to share your Keen® experience with us and others please e-mail us at


Thank-you for your continued support.


Praise for Keen® Sedona™ Mattresses


“I would say the number one response from residents about the mattress is how comfortable it is. The residents love them for that. They also provide much needed back support vs. an air overlay. The fact that they prevent skin breakdown is a bonus for them. I would say the mattress is good for stage I – III.



Administrator, Marquis Care at Mt. Tabor

Praise for Keen® Sedona™ Mattresses


“We admitted a patient with breakdown over the sacral area that was a 6 × 9 cm surface stage II. He was under his ideal body weight and the family indicated they had been fighting to keep the skin intact but were losing the battle. We placed him on the Sedona Mattress within 24 hours of admission and the skin was intact within a week. He stayed on the mattress for 4 weeks until discharge back home without new skin issues developing. He and his family were incredibly grateful that the area healed and his comment was, “this is the most comfortable bed I’ve slept on for a long time!



DNS, Newport Rehab and Specialty Care–Avamere

Praise for Keen® Mattresses


“Dear Keen, I’m so glad I found your online site. You guys make the best cane tips (I do prefer the crutch tips) ever made by any company.

I got hurt in the military and spent 1.5 years in a military hospital.  I was never supposed to ambulate ever. But your crutch tips helped me more than I can write/  Ive tried every crutch tip and cane tip and every one sucks.  Your are slip resistant, when wet they hold reasonably well, a 1000% better than anyone else’s in the rain. My mothers a occupational therapist and we even had some Dycem molded, which didn’t even come close to your products abilities. For a couple years I was convinced you guys stopped making these great products. But today I found your online sales and it’s a good day if your me.


Best regards,


US Army retired/DAV

Praise for Keen® Mattresses


“Just wanted to let you know how much we love your mattresses. Compared to all our other mattresses we have used these are the best. Patients even request them as they leave. Our staff enjoy them because they get results with caring for all their skin issues, and clean easily.



Administrator: Hillsboro Rehab ,

Praise for Keen® Sano Air Mattresses


“Our alert, oriented resident on the Sano Air mattress says it is the most comfortable air mattress she’s ever used. She has a long history of wounds and is very vocal about her likes. Redmond continues to see improvement in their wounds and staff is very positive about the Keen products we’re using.


Thanks so much for your support.


Praise for Keen® Healthcare’s Service


“I thank you! All of your people are great! Thank you for your kindness! Sometimes we can’t find too much kindness & helpfulness in this world. Daryl is a wonderful young man! He is a keeper! He knows what he is doing and does it well!


Betty Lou”

Praise for Keen®’s Innovative Products


“Just wanted to get back with you regarding the Keen loaner items we have; the ‘Journey’ cushion and the ‘Voyager’ adjustable walker. The cushion has helped one inpatient immensely- patient has Alzheimers/sacral decubitus/possible stroke. He was constantly sliding pelvis to edge of chair to get pressure off painful area and mentally couldnt restrain himself. The Keen cushion not only kept him in safe ,correct position, it allowed pressure area to heal. This has helped him make great strides in his recovery. The ‘Voyager’ walker enabled a challenging patient to walk independently, with one side of walker tilted out. This patient has a hip spica brace that would not fit in an ordinary walker and large wide walkers were too wide for her small arm bredth. Again, WAY COOL devices we greatly appreciate using and spreading the word. We will definitely keep your company in mind when our budget comes up, as we love and value your items -including the tilt in space ORION.


Thanks again for allowing us to discover your fine products through our patients.


Praise for Keen® Healthcare’s Service


“I always tell everyone how great Keen is for customer service & products.



Praise for Keen® Alt. Air Mattress


“Hello There…


The air mattress has been working great…noticeable difference within the first week we had her on it!



” This facility has a resident with a stage 3 sacral wound that they were unable to heal with their low air loss mattress. It appears that our Alternating Air is healing the wound!


Praise for Keen® Sedona™ Mattresses


“I just wanted to make you aware that our nurses are thrilled about the successful resolution of some serious skin problems. I’m sure you recall our resident with unstageable/stage III-IV ulcers who was non-compliant with every intervention we attempted, especially positioning. It has taken persistent and aggressive intervention on the part of everyone involved in this resident’s care, but as I write this resident’s ulcers are healed. Amazingly, this has happened in less than two months! There is no doubt that your expertise and support was huge factors in this success. You provided valuable information for our caregivers and a sense of hope and empowerment to this resident. Without a doubt, Keen products were the turning point in the successful treatment of this resident. Their quality, comfort, intelligent design and ease of use for caregivers made it possible to provide effective intervention in a very difficult situation. We cannot thank you enough!


Thanks again for allowing us to discover your fine products through our patients.


RN/DNS, Lawrence Convalescent Home

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