Keen® Journey™ Wheelchair Cushion Seating Guide

Keen® Journey Wheelchair Cushions 

All Keen® Journey™ wheelchair cushions provide the highest quality solutions for your clinical care plan needs and always with wonderful comfort too!  Each is expertly designed with pressure relieving, pressure reduction, and pressure redistribution to ensure successful outcomes.  There are many diverse factors, including patient weightmobility , wound risk/ wound history, and wheelchair seating size/type/condition vital to assess to properly choose which size and model chosen.  Please refer to each below.

  • Wound History:
    • Do you have a current pressure wound or history of pressure wound?  if so what stage wound was it at its highest? ( (I, II, III, IV)  What stage at it’s highest?)  Choose the cushion with Risk/Stage wound level based on what the wound was it its highest.  
  • Weight:
    • What is your current weight in lbs.?  Choose according to your current weight.  Each cushion is designed to ensure proper pressure reduction properties in order to withstand proper weight (not bottoming out).  If you choose a cushion with a weight capacity that is too high, the cushion will be too tall and too hard,  if over weight capacity, the cushions pressure reduction will not work as designed and will be unable to withstand the weight and will  “bottom out/crush”.  
  • Mobility:
    • What is your current mobility?  Do you foot propel?   How do you transfer from your wheelchair?  Slide board transfer? if either or both: choose a cushion with mild or no positioning is suggested. 
    • Are you not mobile and seated in a standard manual wheelchair?  Our wonderful  positioning cushions are designed to provide the pelvic support and pressure redistribution protection.   
  • Wheelchair/Seat:
    • What is the size of your wheelchair/seat?  (seat measurements in inches width x depth) Each cushion size is based on the width x depth in inches, commonly whole numbers divisible by 2: (ie: 18″x 16″) Choose the closest smaller number. 
    • Are you seated in a power wheelchair, or manual wheelchair that provides positioning and tilt pressure offloading?  Choose a cushion with a flat surface, without additional positioning. 
    • Are you seated in a standard manual wheelchair?  Based on risk and mobility factors, choose either positioning or non-positioning options as needed for care. 
      • Is the seat vinyl and stretched out, “ham-mocking/sagging”?  If so, the seat must be flat in order to perform  properly.  We highly suggest  purchasing instead a new vinyl seat for your chair, or a new Keen® FreeLander™ Wheelchair (without a vinyl seat), or FreeLander™ Solid Seat Insert to place on top of seat then your cushion (both available on site to purchase) . 

Each cushion comes with a cover of your choice: Both are 4-way stretch to ensure proper pressure relief and protect from skin shearing, water resistant, bottom base is fully covered with anti-skid material, equipped with a heavy-duty waterproof “scuba” zipper with added sewn fabric protective waterfall cover.  You can purchase add-on anchor clips, or velcro.  Each comes sold separately too.  Have additional covers and cover options on hand.  (all  available on site to purchase) 

  • Cushion Cover Choice: 
    • Performance or EZ?  
      • Performance cover,  is our original phenomenal cover option, designed with a semi-permeable inner membrane that is “breathable”, air can pass thru, but moisture will  “wick/absorb” into the top layer fabric ONLY, rather than “pool”.  (Care instructions:  Washable and AIR DRY.   (Do not use  electric dryer)   
      • EZ cover,  was designed for “EASY” care.  It will “pool” moisture, allowing for easy clean up and care.  (Care instructions:  wipe-able)  

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Each cushion is expertly crafted and manufactured IN THE USA!