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Keen Navigator Shock-Absorbing Crutches


The Keen® Navigator™ Crutch is perhaps the finest crutch on the market today. With a complete redesign of the typical standard crutch by a lifelong crutch user Vail B. Horton (CEO of Keen® Healthcare) the Navigator™ Crutch was made with all the problems of typical crutch models in mind. Featuring a solid-core polymer shock which absorbs the energy and shock that the joints normally would, the Navigator™ reduces stress on the back, shoulders, wrists, and elbows. This also aids in preventing damage to the body from constant impact and jarring during ambulation.

Comes standard with Keen® Aventure™ pivoting tips which are designed to improve safety and mobility on uneven and slick surfaces by maintaining 100% surface contact 100% of the time. This is achieved due to the tip’s ability to flex up to a full 30 degrees before breaking surface contact. This combined with dimpled ring-within-ring viscoelastic bottoms and the Aventure™ tips are truly the safe and reliable mobility solution. Just as important as the Keen® Aventure™ pivoting tip’s safety and reliability is its amazing comfort.

Though a secondary aspect; the Aventure™ Pivoting Tip’s ability to provide substantial shock absorbing comfort and effective joint protection is unmatched. The Keen® Aventure™ pivoting tip is completely latex-free and longer lasting than other traditional tips on the market. Other standard features include underarm covers and unique micro-adjustable handles for unlimited hand placement. A true favorite of athletes and long-term users.

-Sold in pairs.
-Crutch weight is approximately 5lbs each.
-Crutches and parts are latex free.
-Fits individual heights of 4′ 4″ to 7′ 0″ through 4 model sizes.
-Crutches have a 300lb weight capacity.

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Keen Navigator Shock-Absorbing Crutches