Keen® Quest™ Shock-Absorbing Single Point Cane

Keen® Quest™ Shock-Absorbing Single Point Cane


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Designed for both long and short term users, the Keen® Quest™ Shock-Absorbing Single Point Cane | Model – QST utilizes revolutionary shock-absorbing technology which improves the user’s comfort greatly and permits farther traveling distances. With its sleek and innovative yet lightweight design (only 14oz), the Quest™ Shock-Absorbing Single Point Cane is a leader in today’s cutting edge mobility equipment.

Every Keen® Quest™ Shock-Absorbing Cane comes standard with of our patented Aventure™ pivoting tip which is designed to improve safety and mobility on uneven and slick surfaces by maintaining 100% surface contact 100% of the time. This is achievable due to the tip’s ability to flex up to a full 30 degrees before breaking surface contact. The tip also features “dimpled” ring-within-ring visco-elastic bottoms that maximize surface to surface grip making the Aventure™ tip a truly safe and reliable asset in multiple terrains and climates.

Just as important as the Keen® Aventure™ pivoting tip’s safety and reliability is its amazing comfort. Though a secondary aspect; the Aventure™ Pivoting Tips’ ability to provide substantial shock absorbing comfort and effective joint protection is unmatched. The Keen® Aventure™ pivoting tips are completely latex-free and longer lasting than other traditional tips on the market.

-Available in Red, Blue or Black finish.
-Cane weight is approximately 14oz.
-Cane and parts are latex free.
-Adjusts from 31″ to 37″ in 1″ increments with a simple C-clip.
-Canes have a 250lb weight capacity.

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