Keen® Voyager™ Dual-Release Walker

Keen® Voyager™ Dual-Release Walker


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The Keen® Voyager™ Dual-Release Walker | Model – VGRS adjustable walker is ideal for individuals looking for a lightweight yet durable and sturdy, easy-to-fold walker. A key feature to the Voyager™ walker is that our walker arms are capable of opening to two different angles. This allows for a wider point of entry, extra room to perform standing exercises, the ability to position the walker closer to a chair, and the option to angle hand placement. This feature also allows for much more independence as the walker can be positioned and used to stand without aid from others; a feature not found among most other walkers (dual release or otherwise). Wheels can be adjusted to face forward at both settings. This is crucial for individuals with a single unbendable leg or for those with abnormal gaits and/or prosthetics that require more room for movement.

For easy folding, the Voyager™ Walker also features dual, easy-release buttons that can be operated even by those with limited dexterity. The Voyager™ is stable, easy to maneuver, glides effortlessly over most surface and is very durable.

The Voyager™ Dual-Release Walker utilizes Keen® manufactured Rear 360 Degree Glides which are built with extra depth for extended life and made ultra easy to replace. NO TENNIS BALLS NEEDED EVER! These make the Voyager™ stable, easy to maneuver, and able to glide effortlessly over most surfaces.

-Weight limit: 250lbs.
-Designed to easily glide over uneven surfaces including door jams.
-Lightweight yet durable and sturdy.
-Easy folding.
-Features dual, easy-release buttons that can be operated even by those with limited dexterity.
-Capable of opening to two different angles which allows for much more independence.
-Comes standard with Keen® Voyager™ Rear 360 Degree Glides.
-Glides feature over 1/2 inch extra wear thickness over traditional glides on the market.
-Replacement glides available.

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